a cheeky way to help



    How to get involved

    Want to get involved? There are many ways to be part of our Poo army!

    Become a Poo Pincher

    • Next time you are away for business or leisure- pinch the toiletries provided to you as part of the cost of accommodation and send them our way! It’s that easy!!

    Become a Poo Fairy

    • Want to help but rarely travel? We are always after particular items that are harder to come by throughout the year! Contact us for more information on our wish list products!

    Become a Collection Officer

    • Do you work in an office or school? Are you part of a sporting club or community group? You can become a collection officer and organise and on-going group collection! Click here to contact us for a poster now!

    Become a Regional Collection Coordinator

    • We are looking to cover more areas of Metro Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Interstate cities to make donating toiletries easier for everyone! If you are based in these areas and would like to know more about how you could be part of our team- contact us!

    Become a Poo Packer

    • We have a wonderful team of volunteers who spend many hours weekly sorting incoming poo! There are times however we need to pack last minute large orders to respond to emergencies such as bushfires or floods. In these situations we need a Poo Army! If you are local to Blackburn, Victoria and can lend a hand occasionally, just click the button below and fill in the form.