a cheeky way to help


    From little things, big things grow… and don’t we know that!! For many years now, the Rotary Club of Preston have been collaborating with us to deliver our ‘The Personal Care Pack Program’ focused on reaching all the otherwise forgotten regional and rural towns of Australia leaning on the incredible far-and-wide network of both Rotary and Lions.

    In the last year of this partnership we have also been actively involved in both drought and flood relief programs that has been made possible with this powerful alliance that has seen over 300K products reach those most in need.

    As if our friends at the Rotary Club of Preston weren’t awesome enough, they also went and bought as a BRAND NEW LDV delivery van to enable we can get our packs to those in need safely! WOW! For those of you who see us on the road, be sure to keep honking! One for us and one for Rotary!!