Environmental Stuff

Daisy chains, Kumbayah, Kale & Environmental stuff!

We can giggle but changing the way we do things in order to protect our environment is no laughing matter. We have made some significant changes to our operations to ensure we can both help those in need while protecting earth for future generations.


While our cheeky concept has always been and will always be about you “pinching’’ your supplied hotel toiletries, to meet the demands of disadvantaged Australia we are now proudly recusing, repurposing and redistributing products direct from supplier and manufacturer partners.

These products might be less than perfect to businesses because they close to their expiry dates, deleted lines, over stocks or even labeling miss prints but to us they are PERFECT!! Pinchapoo have proudly rescued in excess of 500 ton of stock between 2019 and 2020 and it is our goal that 70% of our total distribution are products that were otherwise destined for landfill by 2023.

That means you still got a lot of pinching to do to help us be the donation component of our organization we can always count on!


  • All our standard toiletry packs are distributed in corn starch fully biodegradable bags.
  • All orders are sent out in boxes that have been reused from incoming stock donations. We’d love to send your order out with pretty Pinchapoo logos printed all over them, but the trees feel differently.
  • All soft plastic packaging is separated and taken to be specially recycled.


If you can help us with product donations- email us!

Image credit: Well + Good