Donate a Schools Hygiene Program Box

For 8 years now we have been helping to provide hundreds of schools and countless thousands of disadvantaged students with access to essential personal hygiene products via our FREE schools hygiene support program. Each one of those years we have worked tirelessly to raise the funds required to deliver this.

The last 6 months has, as predicted have seen and epic rise in requests from schools to gain access to this program to support their students and families doing it tough. We know that in time of struggle that the first products to be left out of shopping trolleys are personal care items- however they are essential to the way in which we connect and contribute to the world and are vital for good mental, physical and social strength.

Foundations of self-worth are established by the age of 5-10. This developmental milestone forms the basis of every decision we make from that point on and is missed in many children living on or below the poverty line.  Help us today but allowing us to say yes to all these requests and together we will ensure no student is left behind.