Get Involved

How to get involved

Want to get involved? There are many ways to be part of our mighty Poo Crew!

Become a Poo Pincher

  • Next time you are away for business or leisure- pinch the toiletries provided to you as part of the cost of accommodation and send them our way! Find your nearest drop point and boom! Its that’s easy!

Become a Poo Fairy

  • Want to help but rarely travel? We are always after particular items that are harder to come by throughout the year! Men’s & ladies razors, kids dental products, roll on deodorants and sanitary products are ALWAYS on the list!

Become a Collection Officer

  • Do you work in an office or school? Are you part of a sporting club, community group or have a big old family or friends network? You can become a collection officer and organise one off or an on-going group collection! Click here to find all you need to get started!

Become a Poo Packer

The mighty poo crew are a team of volunteers who spend their days sorting incoming poo and helping us to pack many thousands of packs for our partners each day! We love to meet new people and their pets!


Do you have a team that want to spend the day in POO HQ?

Pinchapoo is set up to facilitate school, community and corporate groups of up to 15 people.

This is a great team building day where you will have the opportunity to hear Kate’s founding story and how Pinchapoo got to be the biggest supplier of personal hygiene products in Oz as well as get hands-on putting together customised personal hygiene packs.

These sessions are available for all or part of the day between 9.30-2pm in Bayswater Victoria. We kindly ask that a tax deductable donation is made of $150 for your session which helps us to cover the cost of insurance to protect your team and other overheads. If you wish to see a full breakdown of how your donation will be spent- please let us know!


Preferred Days
What time would you like to attend between 9:30-14:00