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Hello darkness my old friend

Kate Austin
How I sent my unwelcome visitor packing......again.

Piss off positivity! Lockdown #6

Kate Austin
Why positivity can bugger right off about now!


Kate Austin
Every moment in life you only get once. Capture it and if you can’t love it straight away, wait till you can, however long that journey takes because as the years pass, you will find treasures you never knew existed in your ‘imperfect’ moments.

Energy Investment

Kate Austin
Everyone knows a drainer! The one who makes you feel exhausted at every encounter, making you long for a deep breath reset session on a Himalayan mountain top. (In blue ocean, out blue sea) but how do we protect ourselves from this? 

Designing Mindset: Strengths & Superpowers

Kate Austin
Are your weaknesses top of mind? Lets change that!