$5 for the fight

It’s that time of the year where we leave the festivities behind and start preparing our kids for the coming school year.
Books, uniforms, shoes, fees- it’s relentless!!
However, sending your child to school with all the essentials to learn doesn’t end there.
When times are tough, we know that personal hygiene essentials are the first to go. This leaves children disengaged and unable to learn.
We currently have a heart breaking 312,000 + school children on a waiting list to gain access to our Schools Hygiene Support Program (currently servicing 240 schools) as our government continues to ignore hygiene poverty as significant social issue for both boys and girls nationally.
Just $5 will help remove a child from that waiting list. Will you donate $5 for the fight to end hygiene poverty? We aim to raise 40,000 and if we all donate the change on our bedside tables- we will get there!!!