School Personal Hygiene Support Program.

Over 1 million school aged children are living below the poverty line or experiencing temporary crisis or hardship in our “lucky country”. The first items to be left out of supermarket trolleys are highly priced essential personal hygiene products that are vital to all children’s development of self-worth as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. No family should have to choose between food and toiletries.

Pinchapoo have been running this program in over 230 schools for 6 years and are currently lobbying to the state and federal governments to have ALL schools granted access to ensure greater attendance rates, classroom contribution, less bullying, more positive social interactions, stronger self-confidence and overall well-being.

Our program allows schools to order boxes twice annually in support of those students and families in the school community experiencing disadvantage as identified by school nurses, teachers, well-being coordinators and principal’s. These boxes contain essentials such as:




Body Wash

Body Lotion



Sanitary management pad packs

Head Lice kits.

This program receives NO government funding and is therefore currently at capacity, however you can add your school to our waiting list here –

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Emergency Hospital Stay Packs:

Did you know our public hospital system does not provide any personal hygiene essentials for emergency visits, unplanned stays or isolated patients?? This includes sanitary management products!

Bank 1st have come on board to help us reach those in their time of need. Victoria’s public emergency departments now have access to culturally appropriate, gender inclusive hygiene packs that will be distributed to those presenting in crisis, homeless and at risk, victims of rape, isolated from family and experiencing struggle. These packs will aid in physical and mental rehabilitation and act as a positive engagement tool for the hostile and complex arrivals.

Crisis Program:

Pinchapoo has worked extensively in the area of flood and fire crisis support in each major event during the last 12 years. We have the ability to respond quickly supplying initial and long term support options nationally to both on the ground organisations and individuals. If you are coordinating relief efforts and would like to provide emergency personal hygiene supplies, please get in touch.

If you would like further information on any of our programs and how to contribute or benefit – contact us!