The Fight Against Hygiene Poverty

You would have without doubt heard the media cover period poverty, food poverty and even digital poverty during COVID, but why don’t we hear about hygiene poverty? Many charities and change makers tackling these ‘trending’ issues with great success, but even social media recently had fewer than 100 uses of the #hygienepoverty.

Hygiene poverty impacts 1 in 5 Australian’s, seems worth talking right? Personal hygiene essentials are the first cut back spend category when you have hunger to tackle and it makes sense, but why are so many Aussies having to make this heart breaking choice? Are we ashamed to admit this social issue happens in our lucky country?

Access to essential personal hygiene products is vital for our physical and mental well-being for men, woman and children equally. It’s essential for any rehabilitation process, positive social and professional interactions and is especially important for our youth during the ages of 5-10 where life-long foundations of self-worth are established which then forms the basis of every decision we make throughout adult life.

In 2021, Pinchapoo are kicking and screaming, singing and dancing on every stage we stand on to bring much needed attention to this pressing conversation. Its time for our government to acknowledge this issue, its long term impact on the disadvantaged and invest in holistic hygiene access programs. Pinchapoo will continue to execute these programs that are culturally appropriate and gender inclusive solutions to this social issue while we plan big things to get the this issue heard!

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