Finding miracles in the madness

Ahhh, sweet conversations of old…… “Do you even know anyone who’s had COVID?”. “Nope”, “no”  “nup”.

How innocent we were only weeks ago! Now we need to think hard about who we know who DOESNT have COVID. If you thought you were Corona exhausted before, lordy think again!

It’s so easy to get swept up in the rapids, the endless gloomy social streams, hopeless headlines, self- professed political masterminds who congregate in supermarket isles and the physical and emotional endurance required to find a rapid allergen test is an epic tale of its own!

It’s more important than ever to make space for joy, to find some light and even witness a miracle as I have these past few weeks, despite COVID also touching my family.

Many of you know my childhood story. Those who do will know that my brother saved my life one evening when he stopped my father from putting a cast iron chair through my skull. Trauma is a deeply personal journey and sadly I didn’t understand his for 20 years, so I let him walk it alone. We had absolutely no contact for this time.

I watched him from afar on socials and wondered if he did the same. A phenomenally talented world-renowned artist, pretty girlfriends. I typed millions of messages and deleted them. I pondered every single day if I would ever get the chance to thank him for saving my life, to sling each other hell for embarrassing childhood moments or to admit how astounded and fiercely jealous I was about his talents.

Miracles occur when we open our heart and take leaps of faith without fear of falling. So I wrote a message and on this occasion I didn’t delete it. I sent it. It was a rocky start, but a start no less. I navigated those first few messages with a hopeful shortness of breath, but it wasn’t long before the man who had became a stranger to me was just the soft goofball I left behind almost 22 years ago. A New Years Eve Brunswick brekkie together bound us once again, laughter and tears ill never forget.

When something is missing in your life, often you don’t know it is until that place in your soul is once again filled. I have never felt more complete or had more faith in universal timing and long story short…….we have matching sibling tattoos planed. Yes……it escalated quickly!!

So how can you too make way for light in the dark??

  1. Energy investment. Say you have $100 worth of emotional to spend each day. Where are you spending it? Put it in places that pay dividends, not bleed you dry!


  1. If something or someone is making you feel drained- walk away from it and make no apologies for doing so! (you may still need to do the dishes!!)


  1. Don’t let doom consume you. We listen to easily to too many who think to quick and shallow, who sell fear and darkness. Look around the room you are in right now….there is a miracle right there and when you see it, hold it close. Practice gratitude for that miracle and watch your heart make room for more.


  1. Take a leap of faith and don’t fear the outcome. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  1. Discuss every night out loud what you are grateful for. Gratitude is a drug that aids in brain training. The more you have, the more you will find and that’s the best addiction there is!




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  1. Such goodness and courage and hope! Blessings of all of life’s best to you both. Thank you for this story and, Kate, this wisdom. Taking notes… xx

  2. I am grateful our paths crossed. In reading your blog, i sense this inner voice you have that I can totally relate, as if cut from the same, if not similiar cloth. Thank you for being you, makes the inner me feel a little braver.

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