Unlock your super power….YOUR TRUTH!

How cool are humans! All 7.9 billion of us completely genetically, spiritually unique with individual destinies. Not one of us alike………can we let that sink in for just a minute?  (MIND BLOWN)

Throughout our lives in order to find peace and fulfillment, we seek out and gravitate to those like- minded to share the journey with. Those who will applaud our victories, nourish, protect, love and lift us. But before this circle can be formed with strength- you must unlock something within yourself…..for yourself.

The greatest weapon we have in life is to recognize that being authentically and unapologetically YOU means you live in state of inner peace, are never lost for direction, you will always know how to act and react, what you are worthy of, capable of, stand for and by. The super-power we ALL have available to unlock is YOUR TRUTH.

My journey with Pinchapoo has taught me endless lessons about myself, people and business (often all in the same day!). As we as an organization have strived to break the NFP mold, we have remained true to that foundation of cheeky brand values that many businesses put significant time and resources into identifying and executing to ensure everything they do is well aligned to this. Yet we don’t take that time to do just that for ourselves.

So how do you unlock this powerful mindset and start to understand the great value that simply being you has?

  1. Write down your 5 core positive personality traits and put them in your phone, beside your computer, on your fridge or in a place they are very visible during the day. These can be things like ‘passionate’ or ‘faithful’. This is your brand. Ensure that every move you make during every moment of every day is done in full reflection of these.


  1. What do you stand for? Believe in? Accept or don’t?, This is your brand blueprint.



  1. When you are faced with influence (and we all are, after all we are a world made up of 7.9 billion individuals) ask yourself if that influence is making you stray from those values or is it enriching them? Evaluate this OFTEN! It only takes moments to slide!


  1. Don’t apologise EVER for who you are. This is an essential part of attracting your tribe! You won’t ever feel the need to say sorry for being you if you have the right people around you.



  1. Your power is unlocked when you don’t feel anger or regret over your challenging moments in your life or towards others because you my friend are living in YOUR TRUTH!



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