a cheeky way to help

What is Pinchapoo?

    Pinchapoo is proudly responsible for creating a world first cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement almost 10 years ago… and for good reason!

    Using this concept, we have redistributed more than 1.6 MILLION otherwise wasted personal hygiene products to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children around Australia.

    Pinchapoo works with over 140 leading organisations nationally as a total hygiene solution, providing customised care to people in need via:

    • homeless shelters
    • soup vans
    • family violence refuges
    • community shower programs
    • refugee support centres
    • short term housing
    • aboriginal health initiatives
      • crisis accommodation


    • hospitals
    • schools
    • jails
    • emergency relief efforts for bushfire and flood victims


    Did you know that 1 in 6 Australians are forced to choose between buying food and essential personal items each week in our supermarkets? Be part of the mission to change this in our ‘lucky country’ today.

    By donating to Pinchapoo, you become part of the profound transformation that occurs when self-confidence and self-worth is restored. Help us honour this basic human right, essential to physical and mental well-being, by becoming a ‘pincher’ today!